Abominable Snowman Winter Plush Sweater



Soft plush sweatshirt with a nice zigzag pattern. Soft rib knit cuffs and neckline. Suitable for all occasions.

Fixoni is one of the most trusted brands in children's clothing in Scandinavia.

Since its inception in 1965, it has penetrated many European markets. It has also gained popularity with customers in other non-European countries.

The FIXONI brand entered the Czech market with the autumn 2009 collection and a number of enthusiastic mothers who liked the brand are still growing.
The company places particular emphasis on comfort, functionality and durability of clothing. The quality / price ratio remains more than satisfactory.
The Fixoni series has prepared a soft adoption for the little ones. All products are made of soft materials, ensuring a comfortable fit. The main idea is comfortable clothing for children from 0-2 years, which has style and practical design.

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