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Car Seat Protector Seat Cover for Under Car Seat


Lullaby's Boutique

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could tightly install your car seat without digging into your leather or upholstery? What if you could protect your seats from stickiness and grime so that you don't stress-out when your child brings food or drink into the car?OUR CAR SEAT PROTECTOR DOES JUST THAT! Buy this seat protector now and cherish the moments spent with your precious child in the car without the fear that your back seat will never be the same.OBSESSIVELY CRAFTED by people who fuss over the details...To illustrate....Instead of just one flimsy mat, tight pockets of foam increase compression and create maximum resistance to protect your seats from scratches and indentations. STAYS IN PLACE. You wouldn't want to constantly have to adjust your mat... would you? With our protector, you just SET IT AND FORGET IT... An easy-to-tighten strap attaches to the head-rest, and rubber backing grips the seat to hold it in place. AND the best part is ... it works with both the LATCH SYSTEM and lap belt. MAXIMUM IMPACT. At Baby Caboodle, we donate 10% of all profits to charity. So give yourself maximum consumer protection through our hassle free warranty and make the maximum Social impact with your purchase of this essential item for every baby registry. Thank you for supporting our small business. We look forward to serving you!

  • Are you killing your back seat?
  • Obsessively crafted by people who fuss over the details.
  • Stays in Place!

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