Sugar & Scrub

Kid's Whipped Sugar Soap


Sugar & Scrub

Soap fun for the kids! Made with extra fine sugar crystals and just a bit less fragrance for their precious fragile skin. Not only are these soaps fun scented and coloured for them, but also great for their skin! Cause our littles deserve the best self-care and spa-like experiences too. Say good-bye to bath time arguments when they have one of these! Or maybe you want one for yourself? You don't have to be a kid to love these fun scents!

Whipped Sugar Soap is a gentle sugar scrub that contains a natural, organic, odourless mild soap that bubbles with use. This type of scrub is exfoliating, moisturizing AND cleansing yet gentle enough to use daily as a cleanser!


Directions for Use:
Using a generous amount, lather scrub with water into body using
smooth, circular motions. Continue lathering until sugar is dissolved and soap
turns to a creamy texture. Continue rubbing into skin for more moisturizing benefits. Rinse off and reveal the silky, soft you! Follow with a moisturizer for best results. Gentle enough to use daily as a cleanser.

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