Tumble 'N Dry

Orange T'ND Logo Tee


Tumble 'N Dry

Your cool mini is totally hip with this Tumble 'N Dry logo t-shirt! Because the logo madness is still not over.

The Tumble 'N Dry Aquapo is summery orange in color with the logo of this cool children's clothing brand in fresh white letters. Because of the simple font, the shirt is not loud but subtly cool. The Tumble 'n Dry Logo t-shirt has a round neck and short sleeves. It is easy to put on and take off with the press stud fastening on the shoulder.

And did you know that you can combine orange super well? For example, wear it with the blue Alou sweatpants with its wave print. If it is fresh, you can also use the matching Asam sweat jacket . But this tee is also a picture with the gray melee jogger with leaf print . So you can see this Tumble 'n Dry baby t-shirt is actually a cheerful basic with which you can go in all directions.

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