Seamless Organic Cotton Nursing Bra



The most comfortable nursing bra you will ever wear!

Support of breast tissue is an important requirement for a good nursing bra, partially because the breasts are heavier, but also due to the hormonal relaxing and stretching and baby’s vigorous suckling. Fabric needs to offer lift and hold, while allowing for mobility and softness. Carriwell’s design achieves this perfectly, primarily due to the innovative stretch of the fabric, but also due to the clever panelling and stitching. This is achieved while offering a modern and desirable design, which is also a signifi cant requirement at this emotionally sensitive time in a woman’s life.

The Carriwell Seamless Nursing Bra is a soft and comfortable bra that moulds to your changing body shape. The easy one handed nursing clasps exposes the entire breast whilst nursing; maximizing skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby.

Why we love Carriwell Nursing Bras:

  • Comfort: Wide shoulder straps and chestbands allow for maximum comfort. No irritating seams or stiff under-wire.
  • Flexibility: Flexible and non-rigid cups allow breast to "grow" yet still maintain support. Complimentary bra extender adding to adjustability.
  • Recommended: Carriwell Seamless Nursing Bra is strongly supported by lactation consultants.
  • Support: The wide under band substitutes underwire i.e. extra support and "lifting" of the breasts.

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