Small Rags

Sparkle Glitter Diaper Shirt


Small Rags

Cute cap sleeves  with a button closure for easy dressing with a glittery firework pattern.


small rags addresses the parents who want their children to be dressed in a rather relaxed manner. What appears to be coincidental styling is what makes the cool expression. small rags calls on the little DIY aim-to-be living in many of us. The clothes are for those who love the home made look even though there may not be time to do it yourself. To keep it short; with small rags you get the creative expression put on a formula.

One of the common elements of small rags is the rag doll, "Mr. Rags", who is used in several prints and details. Furthermore, you find a variety of qualities where different finishes and washes are what make each individual style just right.

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