The Kid-Comb



The Kid-CombCombing a child''s hair can often be a challenging event to say the least. It can be so painful and uncomfortable that some youngsters see the comb as a torture device to be avoided and feared. Finally there is a solution, The Kid-Comb.This new comb is double-sided and engineered just for youngsters. One side of The Kid-Comb has larger, wider spokes that are perfect for clearing away nasty tangles. The other side of The Kid-Comb has closer spokes designed just for styling the unique texture of young hair.Small balls and dulled points have been added at the spoke tips to gently massage and relax a child''s sensitive scalp. These soft nubs relieve the scratchy pain caused by most adult combs.Finally, The Kid-Comb''s fun and playful design encourages nervous youngsters not to fear hair-combing time. A child can look at The Kid-Comb and say "That''s my comb and I''m not afraid of it." Take away the fear and add some fun with The Kid-Comb.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you in the future.

  • One side is uniquely equipped with wide spokes to gently remove tangles
  • The other side is specially engineered to style young hair
  • Ball tips and rounded ends softly massage sensitive scalps
  • Creatively designed to calm and encourage nervous youngsters
  • Not intended for children to use independently.

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